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Owner Testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know that Sky had a great time at school yesterday. The trainer was excellent and uses positive reinforcement. So far Sky knows sit, down, come and when we go for short walks he is learning to heel and he is doing great!!!!!! He is soooooooooooo smart!!!! Sky is still going on adventures and he enjoys the attention and is very happy to meet everyone.”

Ann Jastremski Owner

“I thought you may like to see a picture of our beautiful Tre, he is now five years old and just got weighed this morning at the vet at 108 pounds. His dad is Amigo and his mom is Honey. We think he is the most wonderful guy and as handsome as they come.”

Kim Matthews Owner

“Suss is doing well and passed her second level of obedience, 44 out of 44 points. She and another German showed for able to run side by side to each of their own owners. I am planning on enrolling her on a third level of obedience, our 80lb and (almost) 11 month old baby is doing fine. Everyone remarks how beautiful and well behaved she is. In the house she gets really excited to see someone she knows and is a jumping around two year old kid, but we are working on her in home greetings to people she knows. Loves her belly and underneath her neck rubbed.”

Beverly LynnOwner

“Just wanted to share this with you—Sky has NOT had any accidents—when he has to go he goes to the door and sits. Also he already learned to sit before he eats his food!! Yesterday when he went to the barn he watched a lesson in the indoor very intently while he was on my lap. Everyone loves him but I am sure not as much as me!!!!! He also sleeps all night. He loves to play with his toys. Thank you for a wonderful puppy.”


“Just a quick update on Maggie as we call her. She is growing like crazy and has developed into quite a beautiful young lady. She is a star of her obedience class. Everywhere we go with her, people remark on how great she is. She has bonded with Bette, our older Sukee girl.

Several people have asked for the info on Sukee and we have given it to them. If you get inquiries from the Northeast PA, Bucks County area please give them a hand.”

Jeff & MarianOwner

“We are so happy with Baxter and he is so happy to be with us. He is such a sweet guy. I could not have found a better dog. At least a dozen people have just asked if they could pet him. Three have asked if he is a Sukee dog. I say “Of course.”

You and Jerry are just good people. You went way beyond that to keep him for me until I could take him. You were so patient with us coming to visit him for two months. I can not thank you enough. He has come into our lives as easily as opening a door.”


“Holly is beautiful, as you can see. She is doing very well. She survived the Lepto vaccine with no ill effects. She has unfortunately, gone into heat, so we have had to postpone her surgery until October, but that is ok with us – the longer the better.

She loves the grandchildren and is just so loving with everyone. She does not venture away from the property so there has been no need for a leash or any other confinement, other than the kennel when we are not here, and she loves it there. She has her big bones to chew on and she is very content in the kennel when it is necessary for her to be confined. She is so outgoing and vivacious!”

Randy & JudyOwner

“Good morning Kaye. Konan, Titan and I had a great drive back on Tuesday and he is doing very well. He is doing good in the house training side of things as well and we are extremely happy and content with him. My husband flew back home last night and was surprised to see the new member of our family but soon fell in love. Konan is very good with him and even let him in his breakfast dish this morning. Titan had a few of Konan’s morsels and visa versa, which I sort of anticipated but not so soon. Titan is here with me at work where he and Konan will be on a daily basis and I think he’s enjoying the variety. Thank you so much once again. I will continue to send everyone I can to see you at Sukee. Will post some pictures on Face Book when I find the darn camera.”


Areas of Expertise

K-9 Training

We have trained K-9 teams for more than 50 different police departments

Search & Rescue

We have trained search and rescue dogs for the Maine Warden Service

Patrol, Bomb & narcotic detection

We have trained several patrol, bomb & narcotic detection dogs for the United States Coast Guard & for Athens, Greece

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